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Looking For Best Candidates

Posted on 05 February 2010 by permodalanbmt

We are Islamic Microfinance Institution looking for best candidates with “passion” on micro and small entrepreneur business development for the following positions:

1. Supervisor of Funding Officer and Funding Officer
Responsibility for premium external funding matters, to identify and to make deal funding opportunities, to keep good relation to funder and support to develop an funding strategy.

2. Financing/Loan Officer
Responsibility Loan/Financing Section Chief to analyze and assessment and recommendation; provide and support legal matters and administration for binding and disbursement; support to monitoring and evaluating and reporting and remedial.

3. Financing/Loan Administration and Operational Section Chief
Responsibility to standard and operating procedure administration and compliance and documentation; Responsibility for financing/loan disbursement, rollover, repayment, and management information systems; Responsibility overall management of the general section and other interim affairs.

Qualification :

Male, 29 years, bachelor any field, exp. 1 year (1 & 2 ); Male, 31 years and expr. 2 years (3); Good analytical, attitude, team work & under pressure (1-3). Send to: until 21 Feb 2010