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PT. Permodalan BMT Double The Asset

Posted on 06 January 2010 by permodalanbmt

pedagangpasarJAKARTA – PT. Permodalan BMT will expand its scope in order to reach the target in 2010. This year, BMT targeted for the asset IDR 50 billion-60 billion.
Chief Executive Officer of PT. Permodalan BMT, Saat Suharto, said in a draft of business plan which is being drawn up. In 2010 the assets will be doubled increase from 2009.”In 2010, our company’s asset value has a target to IDR 50 billion to 60 billion and profit IDR 1.3 billion,” said to Republika, last week.

In order to achieve assets enhancement and corporate profits, he added that there will be increase for financing value. As revealed in 2010 financial targets will be at least IDR 138 billion. Until November 2009, PT. Permodalan BMT has assets IDR 27.4 billion with profit gain IDR 700 million.In an attempt to boost the value of financing, said currently, PT. Permodalan BMT will make expansively micro-financing to BMT. To achieve the goal, we will begin open the new markets of financing.”If in previous years we focused on customer area in Central Java and Yogyakarta, then in 2010 we will be more present in Jakarta, West Java and East Java,” Saat said currently.

This strategy, he added,meant to encourage BMT Center as a BMT association to expand membership in these areas, because PT. Permodalan BMT provides financing to certain BMT who had joined in BMT Center.BMT Center
Related to membership of BMT Center, Saat said, in 2009 there are two members who are expelled because of unrequire with members performance standards. But in the same year, there are increased eight new members. Thus the number of members of BMT Center in 2009 to 144 units, increased from 138 units in 2008″. n 2010 there will be 30 BMT who were waiting for the process of becoming members,” Saat said.

According to Saat, 2010 was a good year for Islamic microfinance institutions to flourish. This is supported by the existence of several banks existing and new conventional banks and Islamic Banks will enter in the micro sector. They offer a number of financing over IDR 50 million per outstanding, especially with consumer financing.
”But this is necessary to guard in case so as not to be over-flow needs, so it will attract competition which ignores the element of prudence,” Saat said.

As for financing at rates below IDR 50 million, he added, it will be accessibility issues. It was hoped, there will be synergies between banking and linkage portfolio of Permodalan BMT to increase financing for micro entrepreneurs for outstanding below IDR 20 million.However, there are several threats, especially from the rise of new institutions engaged in microfinance that are sometimes operated without using the principles of good governance (good corporate governance or GCG), which is why we need to remind the government regulator to limit loss new laws and increased surveillance.

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