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A High Society Access to BMT

Posted on 10 November 2009 by permodalanbmt

JAKARTA- public accessibility to BMT becomes higher. It is seen from the growth figures both of savings and BMT financing which continues to grow each year. Executive Director of the BMT Center, Ahmad Sumiynto said in a study conducted on samples of 50 members of BMT Center showed the number of members increased funding per year, plus the value of relatively small portfolio shows high public accessibility.
“Access to financial institutions will speed up transactions, making economic growth in the region increase, ” Sumiyanto said, Friday (6 / 11).
Providing access to micro entrepreneurs to financial institutions, he added, is one effort towards economic distribution becomes more equitable and fair. As shown by the data providing financing to micro entrepreneurs is always smaller than the small, medium and large business
“From this study expected to be a Policy Brief for the government to determine its policy direction in providing access to micro entrepreneurs, especially using Islamic patterns,” Sumiyanto said.

CEO of PT. Permodalan BMT Ventura is also one of the researchers said that the study conducted for 50 members of BMT Center in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi, Banten, West Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta and East Java is using data from 2005 until 2008.
From the data, BMT is able to channel financing to micro entrepreneurs with the cost of each member in the year 2005 amounted to IDR 1.13 million per portfolio financing; in 2006 amounted to IDR 1.16 million per portfolio financing; 2007 amounted to IDR1.94 million per portfolio financing and in the year 2008 amounting to IDR 2.68 million per portfolio financing. “This indicates that BMT can touch the micro entrepreneurs,” Saat said.
In terms of the number who receive benefits, the number of members who have had a very large financing in 2005 of 259,850 registered members, in the year 2006 recorded 281,811 registered members in 2007 and 313,225 members in 2008 as many as 396,150 members
The existence of these studies, further time, allowing the formation of a model for microfinance based syariah institutions – that can be used as a means to reduce poverty. he explained that it can be done in a way to provide guidance and capacity building efforts.

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Need Controll For BMT’s Large Asset

Posted on 04 November 2009 by permodalanbmt

JAKARTA-Islamic microfinance institutions such as Baitul Maal wat Tamwil (BMT) in Indonesia is increasingly grow. Although it’s not as large as Islamic banks scope, but there has been a number of BMT having asset more than IDR 100 billion. According to the Secretary General of Islamic Economist Association, Agustianto, at least necessary for the oversight of BMT has great asset.
He added that BMT is also associated with these public funds should be the concern of sharia economic activists and government. “In terms of financial regulations such as capital adequacy ratio, there should be government agencies that regulate it because there are BMT’s assets that has exceeded more than BPRS,” said Agustianto to Republika, Thursday (29/10).
He added that BPRS has a regulation that must be followed from Bank Indonesia on bank’s health regulations, capital, credit limit and the capital adequacy ratio. According to him, these rules also apply in BMT in order to benefit the community so that funds can be more secure. “It’s possible one day when the collected funds could be misused and consequently many people can be victims and suffer losses. The State Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs needs to further optimize regulation and supervision to BMT and licensing requirements and rules relating to the health of financial institutions , ” Agustianto explained.
He admitted that there are regulations that govern it. But this new form of concepts or terms of incubating institutions, such as BMT Center whether Incubation Center and Small Business, not from the government which has binding properties and have the legal sanctions if violated. These regulations, he added, could be in form of cooperatives minister rules. “If BMT has a small capital whether there are much of public funds, it could be dangerous. Do not let negative things happen in the future to keep it therefore needs to be rules, “said Agustianto. gie / taq

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