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BMT Capital Financing Up To 53 Percent

Posted on 29 September 2009 by permodalanbmt

JAKARTA-Islamic financial institutions recorded a significant increase compared with last year. Similarly, financing of PT. Permodalan BMT Ventura has had an increase of 53.9 percent compared with last period. As of August 2009, PT. Permodalan BMT recorded financing IDR 16.7 billion, while in August 2008 amounted to IDR 10.8 billion.
Although this year the distribution of financing until August had not yet reached half of the target , but the CEO of PT. Permodalan BMT Ventura Capital BMT, Saat Suharto was able to express a sense of optimism to reach the target which it has an amount of IDR 50 bill
“It has not occurred to us to revise our financial targets this year. It is not yet fully achieved, but we remain optimistic that the targets will be exceeded, “said currently
To boost financing in achieving the target, more over, to realize the financing request , one of step that will be optimized is to encourage BMT to make a filing of financing to PT. Permodalan BMT.
The amount of financing per August 2009 that PT. Permodalan BMT Ventura distributed to 62 BMTs was increasing compared with last year as many as 55 BMT. Nowadays, total development of BMT which had received funding from PT. Permodalan BMT has had total assets of IDR 481 billion.
To obtain financing from PT. Permodalan BMT Ventura is one of the requirements incorporated with BMT Center. Currently, there are at least 137 members of BMT Center.
From the financing which was distributed per August 2009 to the trade sector is still be a majority with 53.8 percent. While the services sector is about 21 percent, industry is about 3.2 percent of households, other sectors are about 15 percent and several other sectors such as transport, farming and plantations, and agriculture.
In August 2009, PT. Permodalan BMT Ventura recorded a profit of IDR 449 million with assets of IDR 20,4 billion. The number increased in August 2008 compared with the profit achievement IDR 184 million and assets of IDR 14.3 billion.

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Projected End of Year 10,000 SME , Dompet Dhuafa Hold Creative Industry

Posted on 17 September 2009 by permodalanbmt

Speaking at a FreShadaqah forum (Thursday 10/09/09) organized by Fresh (Fredom of Sharing) community, a discussion event, gathering, networking, sharing of creative industry.
Prima Hadi Putra (General Manager, Resources Mobilization of Dompet Dhuafa) trying to find the fastest solution that can be done so that can quickly reduce the burden on the community.
In the casual discussions while breaking fast in Angkringan Wetiga, Kebayoran Baru, Putra deliberately exposed how the creative industries have a huge opportunity to be part of the solution to this problem. One of them became part of the value process transformation through his media.
“Almost all members of FreSh community have a social networking, both in the real world or virtual. It was a good vehicle for socialization care to others. If one among us has more than 2,000 friends on Facebook networking, then at least we have the opportunity to spread the value to our 2000 friend “, he provides with a good illustration.
Learning from the success of Grameen Bank, bank of the poor which was founded by Prof. Muhammad Yunus has successfully raised the degree of the poor in Bangladesh. The science has been studied by other countries as a pilot project of poverty reduction, more over that Prof. Muhammad Yunus was awarded a Nobel in 2006. What can be done yg Indonesian nation?
Judging from the experiences Dompet Dhuafa (DD) in poverty alleviation, at least DD has successfully gave birth to several social programs such as the provision of health care insurance to the poor through Health Services program for free ( that provides 24-hour service basic health care for the family plus orphans (indigent and poor) free of charge to the facility: General Poly, ER, Midwife, Inpatient, Guido Poli, Poli Nutrition, Pharmacy, tuberculosis (TB) Center, and Poly Specialist (Child, Heart , Neurology, Pulmonary, Gynecology, psychiatric, Surgery, Skin & Gender) come equipped with a patient programs Spiritual Development as an approach to the patient’s spiritual aspect.
In the field of economic empowerment, DD rolling hook giving program, such as programs Kampoeng Ternak ( that until the end of the year 2008 has reached 18 provinces in 1475 involving the head of the family farmer.
Another program that is run to empower the poor through community programs Masyarakat Mandiri (, which currently has scored more than 9077 heads of households microfinance providers. “Our target is completed to 10,000 by the end of this year”, Putra stated.

What is the sucess keys of Kampoeng Ternak & Masyarakat Mandiri ? They started by providing direct training, provision of capital and business consulting. Even that the companion by DD are required to stay with the business groups to explore the entire business. DD did not ask for any guarantees for working capital that is given to the public.

What if that capital is misused? Grameen Bank run the method No Collateral, No Legal Instrument, No Group-Guarantee or Joint Liability. DD has been doing with No Collateral & No Legal Instrument, Group Guarantee is precisely because they are required with the social control with their own co-workers, reply if there is abuse of the capital, they obliged to remind their colleagues since the system is in a revolving capital

For example:10 men in 1 group, the first beneficiary is the first four people, if there are capital abuses, so the money is not returned or reduced, then the chance for the next 6 people will be fail. This is the difference between Grameen Bank of Bangladesh and Grameen Bank of Indonesia conducted by DD. Another difference is the lack of promotion & public trust
Who is funder working for Capital DD for this poverty alleviation? The main funders are zakat, alms and infaq of society. The more money collected, the more dhuafa also helped.


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International Muslim World is interested to Found BMT

Posted on 09 September 2009 by permodalanbmt

The development of Islamic finance in Indonesia turned out to be an example and want to be applied in other Muslim countries. This can be seen from visit of Dr. Mohammed Obaidullah, a senior researcher of Research and Training Institute – Islamic Development Bank (IRTI-IDB) based in Jeddah, which is doing research on the development of Islamic Microfinance System in Indonesia.
On August 20, 2009, which then, in Radius Prawiro building, Sharia Banking Directorate. CEO of PT Permodalan BMT Ventura Saat Suharto was invited to represent BMT Center to explain about BMT and its role in Islamic Microfinance system, data and related developments, development models that are relevant to the research
First research was presented by IRTI at the conference in collaboration with University of Brunei Darussalam in 2007 about opportunities and challenges of Islamic finance in providing financial services to the development of small micro medium enterprises (MSMEs)
In Brunei, the conference issued some issues that are presented include issue of economic empowerment model can be done by Islamic microfinance institutions (LKMS), issues of risk mitigation is most likely faced by LKMS, evaluation issues for LKMS who played dual function as a business and social entity, and the last issue the role of Islamic financial instruments such as zakat, infaq, Sadaqah and endowments as a source of cheap funds LKMS.
This second study was a continuation of first study to examine the development of Islamic Microfinance System in Indonesia. On this occasion, Saat Suharto presented result of study in 50 BMT members of BMT Center, the research that was presented by Saat Suharto was known that the existence of BMT have been trained the poor to save.
In addition, BMT also provide jobs, which provides financing to develop new entrepreneurs and human resources to recruit employees, thus BMT has helped open a new “lapangan pekerjaan” helping reduce the number of unemployed.
The second is pro-Poor, by empowering the poor providing either a Mudaraba financing, Musharaka, Murabaha, ijarah and Qordh
And the last is Pro-Productivity: BMT as an intermediary institution between the owners of capital with entrepreneurs help small businesses increase productivity. This is seen in financing that provided to majority of entrepreneurs to expand businesses that endured such small businessmen, and most of these efforts are the merchant, thereby increasing the productivity of society.
This will have implications to the public that BMT helping welfare of the poor and became a bridge between capital owners and small businessmen.
In addition to achieving the success of BMT include:

a. BMT has been able to become Wealth Management Services.
b. BMT Micro Entrepreneur Capable Touch portfolio with the Low Score.
c.BMT held Housing Savings.
d. BMT makes Financing Qord contract (with Commercial fund basic).
e. BMT Gathering Financing Fund and Social Maal.
f. Making Microinsurance.

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Annual Report 2008

Posted on 07 September 2009 by permodalanbmt

PT. Permodalan BMT Ventura should be a center of excellence and reference pattern modeling Islamic microfinance institutions, development of micro and small enterprises, pattern of partnership with BMT, as well as be a benchmark and model of success for Islamic microfinance institutions development.
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BMT Breaks The Limit

Posted on 01 September 2009 by permodalanbmt

As a non-bank financial institutions provide financial services for small and micro entrepreneurs channeled through Baitul Maal wat Tamwil network, PT. Permodalan BMT participated enliven M-Life Festival that was held in Grand Indonesia (1-6 September 2009).
Previously, PT.Permodalan BMT also followed Festival Ekonomi Syariah 2009 in JCC Senayan, Jakarta, participation of PT Permodalan BMT attending M-Life Festival event that its aims to provide insight to general public, especially middle and upper class society of Islamic Microfinance.
Islamic microfinance in Indonesia is an example of success for distribution of micro and small entrepreneurs in the world, socialization of middle and upper class will provide insight into the potential of microfinance, islamic development is still open widely, public expectations for middle and upper classes would transfer funds to the economy, especially in the islamic sharia microfinance, this concern will provide harmony between owner of the funds to micro and small entrepreneurs so that there will be a mutually beneficial relationship.

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