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Bright prospects for BMT Indonesia

Posted on 10 October 2009 by permodalanbmt

The future of Islamic microfinance institutions typical Indonesia such as Baitul Maal wat Tamwil (BMT) is brighter. These institutions could even attract the attention of international financial institutions.

According to CEO of PT. Permodalan BMT Ventura, Saat Suharto positively assessed the future growth because of seeing a growing community appreciation, governments, and international institutions like Islamic Development Bank (IDB), Research Institute of Australia and Indonesia, and other institutions related to the existence of BMT in Indonesia .

“The problem lies in the consistency of government through regulation in favor of the existence of BMT and BMT own activists consistent in the service of micro-finance sector,” Saat said. For example, through legislation microfinance institutions as a legal corporation .

In these efforts, Saat continued, BMT Center collaborates with all sharia stakeholders makes mutual support and disseminate ideas of BMT microfinance. In BMT’s motion affirming as microfinance movement typical Islamic in Indonesia, he added, it was initiated in 2010 at an international event among microfinance agents.
Executive Director and Business Incubation Center Small (PINBUK), Aslichan Burhan said, ” to continue improving services to the community, BMT must prepare a fast information technology services, so it can compete with the banks. Because, on the other side BMT also has the advantage that can be more empowering communities having proximity to local communities. “For the margin of profit sharing could also compete for BMT is a daily business that will turn over so quickly,” said Aslichan.

To help the Indonesian microfinance sector, he expects at least BMT can stand in every district in Indonesia. Nowadays, PINBUK continue to improve cooperation with the central government and regional, as well as other Islamic financial institutions. At least 3000 BMT throughout Indonesia.
Some times ago a messenger of IDB came to Indonesia to learn about BMT. BMT which in recent years grow with a minimum of 20 percent made Indonesia was chosen as a pilot project for BMT development in other countries.

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